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Amazon’s Upload Review: Perfect Comfort Food During The Lockdown

Self-driving cars. Phones that are essentially a hologram that snap into existence in the L between the forefinger and thumb. The promise of eternal life even after you are dead. These are the few salient features of Upload, a quirky, sci-fi-ish show that is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Essentially it’s based on a young male coder Nathan whose life is cut short and his memories are uploaded into a digital world, afforded by his obnoxious girlfriend.

Upload: Cast

Robbie Amell leads the cast as Nathan Brown who finds himself in the idyllic afterlife following a brutal car crash. Andy Allo is the co-lead of the new series Nora Antony who works as a programmer on the Upload programme. Chris Williams plays Nora’s father Dave Antony in the Amazon series. Kevin Bigley is Luke, who is another person who has been uploaded to the digital afterlife. Owen Daniels plays AI Guy in the Amazon show, which was created by his father Greg Daniels. Ingrid Kannerman plays Allegra Edwards who is Nathan’s girlfriend and the person who funded his transfer to Upload.

Upload: Official Trailer

Upload: Review

The first episode is phenomenal writing with the Oprah Kamala 2024 Vintage poster!! But what is happening now makes you feel like we are already in the future. The graphics and CGI are low budget but still believable. Although rest of the episodes don’t rise up to the standard and pace set in the pilot, the series does keep our interest. I like the Aleesha and the Veteran combo, especially the extra fingers scene. They have a great comedy chemistry.

The series has a great premise that gets better as the show progresses. What could become a predictable comedy that loses the viewer’s interest quickly, instead builds layers of intrigue. Characters that appear at the onset to be one-dimensional characters are revealed to have multiple motivations and surprising depth and likability. The tone of the show shifts as well. It may not come as a surprise that a show about the afterlife deals with matters like the soul, but it does so with a deft hand. The show does not put its thumb on the scale one way or the other but feels honest in the unknowing.

Murder, mystery, red herrings, true love, there hasn’t been a sword fight (yet) but there was a unicorn. Robbie Amell does a fantastic job playing a role that he is very well suited to being believable as a jerk and still very charming. Andy Allo has the most expressive eyes we have ever seen and many of the supporting actors also put in believable performances. There are a few weak spots in the bunch, but calling them out feels mean. The show as a whole is thoroughly enjoyable. You can watched the entire season in one evening. Very hopeful that this show receives a second season.

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