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Ankush Chaudhari and Pooja Sawant feature in the film, which is a sequel to Dagdi Chawl (2015), which premieres in theaters on August 18. The film Dagdi Chawl, based on the life of Arun Gawli, was a major success in 2015. The sequel to this film has been revealed, and fans are eager to see what the makers have in store for them this time around.

Dagdi Chawl  2 Cast, review, teaser

Chandrakant Kanse, who helmed the original film, returned to direct the sequel. Machindra Bugade, Sanjay Jamkhandi, and Kanse wrote the screenplay and the story for this film.

Sangeeta Ahir is the producer of Dagdi Chawl 2.

Ahir had this to say about the film: “It is with great pleasure that we announce the date of Dagdi Chawl 2’s release. The Dagdi Chawl received an incredible response from the crowd, so we decided to develop a follow-up. I, too, am eagerly anticipating the release of this film. We plan to broadcast this picture simultaneously in every country.


As of now, the cast of Dagdi Chawl  2 has not been released, but Pooja Sawant will be a part of the sequel to the crime thriller blockbuster hit Dagdi Chawl.

In Dagdi Chawl 2, starring Ankush Chaudhari and Pooja Sawant, Makarand Deshpande reprises his role as ‘Daddy’ in the sequel to the critically-acclaimed action-drama of the same name.


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We were reintroduced to Makarand Deshpande’s handsome and terrifying underworld figure Daddy and his trademark Gandhi cap in the teaser for the film’s premiere. Nothing about the story or the cast is hinted at in the teaser.

Ankush Chaudhari and Pooja Sawant have yet to be confirmed as returning cast members.

“The Notoriety of Junglee Additionally, Pooja Sawant will appear in Subhash Ghai’s next Marathi film, Vijeta, which she is currently rehearsing for. The year was 2010, and Pooja’s Marathi cinema debut was with Kshanbhar Vishranti.

Released On this day,

The film will be shown in theaters on August 18th.

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