Dangerous Lies starring Camila Mendes | Netflix

Dangerous Lies is the recent addition to the Netflix Original movie pool on the platform and it has been able to grab viewer attention due to the thrilling storyline. This 90 minutes long suspense thriller keeps us engaged throughout the duration with nail biting sequences and story twists. A young couple who’s going through financial breakdown starts a new journey when the female lead joins an old man’s mansion as caretaker.

Official Trailer | Dangerous Lies (2020) starring Camila Mendes | Netflix

That’s where the real suspense begins wherein many indeterminable things happen which keeps a viewer thinking who’s behind all this and that mystery continues ever further. Performance delivery by all participating actors is indeed appreciable as they seem to to be doing proper justice in their individual roles. Storyline and strong plot makes the movie one of the finest suspense thrillers so far under Netflix Original label.

 Dangerous Lies (2020) starring Camila Mendes | Netflix

The main plot is the death of Leonard living all by himself in a large property.He was helped by Katie a young married woman care giver. For a few days before the death of Leonard, Adam the husband of Katie works in the garden. Both Adam and Katie discover on his sudden death a hundred thousand dollars in his wooden chest but hides it in a bank locker. When police take up investigation it turns out the bequest may not be genuine. A Chinese lawyer confirms Mr Leonard had bequeathed the property to Katie. There is another character Hayden who is a realtor who has an eye in the huge property.Adam finds a string purse containing $3 million worth diamonds and hides it some where without Katie’s knowledge. Finally Hayden takes Katie as hostage in her house.Adam shoots Hayden. In the mutual firing both become dead.

In the meanwhile the Chinese lawyer comes on the scene and threatens Katie to hand over diamonds which knowledge she denies. The lawyer was about to shoot Katie when the local police detective enter on the scene and kills the lawyer.In the last scene again the detective comes to Katie who has become pregnant and working in the garden about the hidden away diamonds.Then also Katie denies any knowledge. But the scene shifts to the sprinkler which is spraying water under a tree exposing all diamonds strewn there by Adam. The story does not solve the mystery of a Leonard’s death who in fact was killed by Hayden with poison drugs to lay his hands on the property that supposedly contained diamonds too. The story thus is incomplete in some fashion.

In short, the movie is something to watch during quarantine. Predictable but fun to watch to make sure you’re correct regarding your predictions. I’m paying for a service to keep me entertained and this movie did just that. Entertaining and it kept my mind off of being quarantined.

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