Daniel Craig's Last Bond Series Movie No time to Die

After the last OO7 movie Die another day in 2002 Pierce Brosnon left the James bond series. The reason behind lifting the fifth bond movie was Brosnon wanted too much money to shoot fifth bond movie Casino Royal. Now the producer’s Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson have the challenge to find such an actor to play world famous spy character James Bond.

Daniel Craig : Last but best James Bond OO7 forever

Daniel Craig an English actor was approached to do James Bond for the next Casino Royal. As he signs the movie he accepts most complicated challenges as we know bond movie series has lots of action and original stunts. And another challenge was for him “Is the audience accept Daniel Craig as Bond??”

Well, the actor Daniel Craig done lots of hard work to prove him as a Bond. After the release of Casino Royal Craig gets the real James Bond image above the audience because of his acting, actions, and original stunts that were never done before in any Bond series movie. While playing as a Bond Craig and the bond crew improve the actions and stunts that was never appeared in other bond series before. Daniel Craig gives as much as possible original stunts for his Bond movies and also got too many injuries.

He is too much hard working and a magnificent actor. He is seriously done too much for his action sequences for being a Bond OO7 for his fans.

Daniel Craig was 37 while in Casino Royal movie and now he is 52. During this period of his bond series, he was got many physical injuries.
He has been hurt on the set of Casino Royal and lost his two teeth in 2006. In 2008 while shooting Quantum of Solace Craig tore the labrum – the connecting cartilage – in his right shoulder during an ariel stunt. Also, he sliced off his fingertip.

While shooting for Skyfall in 2012, Craig cracks both his calf muscles. He injured his knee in Spectre.
And Danial Craig’s last Bond movie No time to Die which will be releasing in Nov, 2020 he got a serious injury on his ankle while filming in Jamaica and also 2 stunts man injured while shooting explosive scene.

Craig not just because of your action and stunts but your magnificent acting just makes you a perfect spy. You are entertaining us from 14 years as a Bond. Your fans always love the way you done all the movies. We just miss you a lot James Bond OO7.
Because of his playing role, a former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnon said to him for his last movie ” Enjoy your life.

You have done a magnificent job, Daniel. You were truly a great Bond. Really, hats off to you, sir. I’ve enjoyed watching you very much. You really grabbed the bull by the horns and ran with it all the way, the world is your oyster and you can do anything you want. Stay well.”
Really Daniel Craig you did your best.

And you are the best James Bond OO7 forever.

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