Exctraction vs Lockdown due to corona

If you are bored of the lockdown and are looking for a movie to soothe yourself, Extraction has got you covered. Words would not do justice to what I have to say, but let me try.

You Drown Not By Falling Into The River, But By Staying Submerged In It..!

Exctraction vs Lockdown due to coronaIt’s showtime because, it’s Russo Brothers met Chris Hemsworth met Randeep Hooda met A little bit of Pankaj Tripathi met some of our very own talented Indians met Mumbai met frequent use of Bengali Slangs met unbelievable action met Netflix..It’s like a whole dream package for a Indian Nerdy movie buff, on paper..Yes, on paper because some times, the theories on paper fail to reflect entirely in practicals..This film Extraction is no doubt, ‘The’ film with the most intense action sequences ever made in recent history and mark my words, Chris ‘Thor’ Hemsworth delivers the best ever performance till date mixing it with raw action and dark emotion but some how it feels like the ‘Story’ could have been ‘a bit more’, a little bit more..I accept that it’s an out and out no brainer action movie but I really feel that the character development could have been better.. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take away the fact that the Indian Angry man Randeep Hooda fought exceptionally well to take his role at per with Hemsworth..

The cinematography felt so natural that it seemed as If I was physically present in every scene, up close and personal. It was so natural that even when Golshifteh Farahani “Nik” slipping while coming out of the car carrying an RPG just gave it a grand slam. The way Chris Hemsworth portrayed his emotions, and a huge round of applause to Rudhraksh Jaiswal and Randeep Hooda the way they blended so naturally into every scene just made it a great masterpiece.

Extraction set a new benchmark of you can captivate the audience completely, congratulations Sam Hargrave, instead of naming a school after you in the movie, you should actually open one to teach the upcoming generation about this master class direction. Also Chris is gonna collect a huge pay check as a producer this one’s gonna be huge success.

In parts, it felt like this film is targeted to the Indian audiences, it’s like the producers knew what could trigger us to like and watch this film Extraction..hat’s off Russo Bros and debutant director Sam Hargreaves for this fantastic marketing strategy..

Nothing more to say but I guess this film with it’s ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ delivers a popcorn and relaxing treat in these tough times and Kudos to the creators for that..And Special mention must be the precious Bengali spoken by Chris Hemsworth i.e. ”Proman Dao” (Show me the proof)..That was shockingly hilarious..!!

By Sagar Shrinath

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