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Marathi entertainment has been exploring different genres since its revitalization in 2004 after the launch of Shwaas. But an action thriller is one category that does not get explored much.

Fatteshikast TrailerFatteshikast, directed by Digpal Lanjekar, is based on Shivaji Maharaj, the action hero revered whole Maharashtra. The movie shows brave mission of the Maratha king where his mere 90 soldiers’ army defeats the huge Mughal militia to take on Pune.

Lanjekar’s first film Farzand, which was on the same topic, also showed the tale of Shivaji, but its major character was Kondaji Farzand (his brave warrior). On the other hand, Fatteshikast has Shivaji as the main character. The other difference is that this seems similar to an out-and-out massy action film, at least from what we can see from the trailer.

The producers have made it obvious in the promos that the movie is for the devotees of Shivaji who, together with action, also love praising the heroic lines stated by him and individuals close to him, particularly Jijabai (his mother). The only problem is that it gets too loud at times.

Fatteshikast also appears to have been shot on a much lavish scale as compared to Farzand. The movie will be launched on November 15, 2019. Here is the trailer.

Actor Harish Dudhade will be portraying the significant Bahirji Naik character in Fatteshikast. This is the second historical drama of the actor after Farzand, also helmed by Lanjekar.

Naik was one of Shivaji’s closest aides and an undercover agent in his militia. He was recognized for convincingly impersonating different individuals and changing get-ups so as collect data about their enemies and their next moves. His inputs had a huge hand in assisting Shivaji set up his empire. In different words, the character provides a lot of shades.

Dudhade, recognized for his work in TV serials, is pleased to have gotten this role. “I am lucky to have got an n opportunity to play the role of Bahirji Naik. It is a challenge for each actor to get to have different kinds of roles. It is a matter of happiness for me to have got an opportunity to play such a role in the movie,” the actor claimed to the media in an interview.

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