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Disappearing from the big screen for a long time, away from the eyes of the media and now Lara Dutta has made a big surprise to her fans by making a digital debut. At this time his new web series Hundred has been released on Disney Hotstar. In this series, Rinku Rajguru, who has achieved tremendous success with the film Sairat, has also worked. Now whether this interesting pair of these two will be able to entertain people or not, let us know how the web series Hundred is made under the direction of Ruchi Narayan, Ashutosh Shah and Tahir Shabbir. The director has kept things light and focused more on ‘Fun’.

Directors: Ruchi Narain, Ashutosh Shah, Tahir Shabbir
Actors: Lara Dutta, Rinku Rajguru, Karan Wahi

Official Trailer: HUNDRED

Sometimes there are more interesting characters than the story and this is the special feature of ‘Hundred’, the webseries available on Hotstar. Two women are in the lead role.

Usually a team of two men, one woman – one male is seen, but the team of two women is less seen.

Saumya (Lara Dutta) is a police officer whom the department has retained as a showpiece. She wants to chase miscreants, fight them, solve the case, but her boss always keeps her away from this task

The second is Netra (Rinku Rajguru) who is from a middle class family. The only earner between father, brother and grandfather. The ground slips from the bottom of his leg when he learns that he has only a hundred days due to a brain tumor.

Both these characters are interesting, unique and their overwhelming chemistry covers the shortcomings of the story and maintains interest in the series. Karan Wahi, Sudhanshu Pandey, Parmeet Sethi, Makarand Deshpande also impress with their work. Rohini Hattangadi appeared in a small role.

Netra prepares the bucket list. Apart from sex, travel to Switzerland, adventure in life there is much more in this list.

There is a lot of difference between Netra and Soumya, but life brings them together. When Soumya learns that Netra has less time, she uses it for herself. Puts him in danger so that he can reach the culprits. Netra gets ready in the name of adventure.

Season one has eight episodes. Beginning a little mess. From the third episode, talk begins, but by the seventh and eighth episodes the matter starts deteriorating again.

‘Hundred’ is like a path in which bumpy patches also come between the gallop road. Now it is up to you how you take these patches.

Many things have been tried to cover the subject. Organ traders, smuggling, drug racket, hawala case, betting on cricket, Dubai’s don, corrupt leader, Soumya’s battling with his officers, boring husband, keeping a toy boy, Netra’s family, boyfriend number one, boyfriend number Two, completing the bucket list, working in the music album. Some of these things appeal, some seem boring.

Some things seem incomplete. After all, why does her boss irritate Soumya so much? Why is Saumya related to another man despite marriage? Why doesn’t Netra take her illness so serially?
Usually female characters are not written that way. Saumya’s character has negative shades. She can do anything to make herself successful. Romances despite a good husband. Netra’s coolness also enhances her character.

Let the characters emerge and not let stressful things dominate. The entire series has a put of humor that sounds good. His hard work is seen on every character. If the writers got a little together, their work would get better.

Lara Dutta has returned to the acting world after a long time with the series. Signs of increased weight and age are seen. Her character has many shades and a high-class actress could have done wonders in this role. Lara tries her best but in some scenes her limited range of acting is hampered.

Hundred ReviewRinku Rajguru’s natural acting, which has shown the brilliance of her performance in the Marathi film ‘Sairat’, has dominated Lara. She is a natural actress and acts openly. He has lived his character with full confidence and boldness.

Despite some shortcomings, ‘Hundred’ arouses so much interest that the second season can be awaited.

Audience is waiting for next web series ‘Paatal Lok‘ which will be release on 15th may, 2020 on Amazon Prime and its a gift in Covid-19 3.0 Lockdown from Anushka Sharma-Kohli.

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