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An erotic, comedy, romance, and perfect combination of love story MASTRAM.

In a lockdown period where all audiences are trying to stay home and become safe, And if they have the support of TV and the Internet, then they are settling down web series one after the other. The directors have understood what the Indian audience wants and whenever the arrival of the Indian audience, sex has always been on the top of their list. Keeping in mind the audience’s demand for sex, 10 episodes of Mastram on MX Player are in front of us.

MASTRAM Season 2

MX player released this fictional biographical web series MASTRAM. It also releases various types of web series and the audience like it. Some of the famous Mx player releases are Samantar(Marathi/Hindi), Hello Mini, Ek Thi Begam, Bhowkaal, Aani kay Hav, Black Coffee, etc. MASTRAM is a Hindi language erotic stories web series. Its story contains perfect drama and fantasy. It is a story in the era of 80’s a writer from a small village RAJARAM who is struggling to publish his books but no publication is ready to publish his books. And how the tragedy goes wrong and he became an erotic story writer MASTRAM on a suggestion of owner of one publication. And then the story begins how his written erotic books become popular. The story contains perfect fantasy and romance.

This is season 1 which is released on 30 April 2020.

The series contains 10 different fantasy and erotic romance stories, apart from this it also contains a perfect love story of Rajaram and Madhu, how he trying to make love her is the best part of the series.

Anshuman Jha is Platini role as RAJARAM (MASTRAM), Tara Alisha Berry i as MADHU, Jagat Srawat as mamaji and Akash Dabhade as a friend of Rajaram Gopal in lead roles and others actors in other roles which are Rani Chatterjee, Kenisha Awasthi, Abha Paul, Garima Jain, Isha Chabra, Harshita Kushwah, Ashmita Jaggu, Leena Sharma and others.

The web series includes 10 different fantasy characters like Rita mam, Mallu aunty, Geetu and many others. But in the series, Savita bhabhi character is not shown, maybe it will be part of 2 nd series till now please be updated with movie revision.

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