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Mortal Kombat Review: Outstanding example of how convert a video game into a movie

Mortal Kombat, the new movie in town directed by Simon McQuoid and produced by James Wan, is preparing to pit the champions of earth against threats from Outworld. After sorcerer Shang Tsung sends Sub-Zero after a washed-up MMA fighter, Cole Young, the unsuspecting hero goes in search of answers. That’s when he finds himself at the temple of the Elder God Raiden, who’s welcoming fighters bearing the same mysterious mark to train for a deadly tournament against Outworld.

Mortal Kombat: Release Date

Mortal Kombat will debut in U.S. theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously on Friday, April 23, 2021. The movie will stream on HBO Max, free to all subscribers, for one month, or 31 days.

Mortal Kombat Movie

Mortal Kombat: Review

As far as live-action adaptions go of very known game franchises, Mortal Kombat lives up to its namesake. Obviously, you need to go into it knowing that it’ll never be 100% game accurate but between them incorporating Kombat moves actually displayed throughout the games, they’ve done a great job. I really enjoyed the fight scenes between Scorpion and Sub-Zero (Both beginning and end), as well as the interactions between Sonya Blade and Kano. The pacing was great, action sequences were fantastic, character development was there for most but definitely need to see a bit more if a sequel is given.

I will say I took issue with Milenna and it was strictly surrounding her mouth. I wish we got more of the Tarkatan game-accurate one. I also took a slight issue with the character of Cole Young, who I honestly feel like the film didn’t need and could’ve been told without him. Overall though, Mortal Kombat is a very solid very interesting film. I feel it deserves at least 2 sequels to expand the story and really flush out the lore of the games and give the fans the live-action extravaganza they deserve.

Mortal Komat: Trailer

Below is the link for the movie trailer.

Official Trailer: Mortal Kombat

Users can also watch the first 7 minutes of the movie here:

Mortal Kombat: Cast

Below is the cast for the movie

  • Ludi Lin as Liu Kang
  • Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero
  • Hiroyuki Sanada as Scorpion
  • Jessica MacNamee as Sonya Blade
  • Josh Lawson as Kano
  • Mehcad Brooks as Jax Briggs
  • Tadanobu Asano as Raiden
  • Chin Han as Shang Tsung
  • Sisi Stringer as Mileena
  • Max Huang as Kung Lao
  • Lewis Tan as Cole Young

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