Dark Season 3 Trailer and preview

Dark season 3 first trailer was launched recently. As a matter of fact, the trailer was released exactly 33 days before the launch of the series. Let’s be honest! Almost everyone predicted the launch of Dark season 3. Netflix unveiled the Dark season 3 release date in a short one-minute teaser trailer, giving fans a gloms of what the sci-fi time-travel-based thriller series will be all about. Let us know more about the upcoming season. 

Dark Season 3: Trailer

After the end of season 2, fans thought that all the concepts of the series were clear. But seeing the Dark Season 3 trailer, it seems that they were mistaken. Have a look at the trailer:

 Dark Season 3: Plot

In the previous season, the show had left us with a shocking revelation about Jonas, Martha, and hinted towards the possibility of parallel worlds within the story. In Netflix’s Dark Season 3 trailer we can see both Jonas and Martha touching on the challenges and questions they have been facing. If we further unlock the trailer, the video further dives into the key themes of the show, such as fate and free will. In the Dark Season 3 trailer, we can see Jonas asking “Why am I here?” And it also reminds us of the theory that “everything in life occurs in cycles.”

The upcoming season will mainly focus on the questions the previous season left us with. Everyone is dying to know where did Jonas disappear, and how did it exactly happen. Other than this, the events that took place before Jonas went off-screen, how do they exactly fit into the plot? All these questions will be answered in the (likely) final season

Dark Season 3: Cast

We’ll be seeing almost all the primary cast back in season 3. Louis Hoffman and Andreas Pietschmann will play teen Jonas and older Jonas. Lisa Vicari will be seen as Martha. Katharina, the unnamed mystery girl from future, Noah and teen Magnus will be presented by Jordis Triebel, Lee van Acken, Mark Waschke, and Moritz Jahn respectively. Sandra Borgmann and Carlotta von Falkenhayn will play the Elisabeth siblings.

Dark Season 3: Release Date

As claimed from the beginning of the series, Netflix has decided to launch the series on June 27, 2020. This actually matches the timeline in the series and is the date of the last cycle and the apocalypse

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