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OutLander Storyline, Plot and Series Review

OutLander Review:

In fact, I started watching it last year but watched the first episode halfway and then gave it up … I didn’t like the beginning .. but after the series ended this year, it came up again and this time I decided to watch it …
It takes time to understand or like each series, but that’s the way it is.

OutLander Review

This is the story of Claire, a nurse in the British Army. Coincidentally, at one point, she falls unconscious and wakes up. Suddenly, she sees the grass and the forest all around her. Then she goes near the speeding car and sees whether there is a car or the road that came with it.
In a short time, gunfire can be heard and British soldiers can be seen, but it is all 200 years old.
I mean, she would have gone 200 years back by time travel, then she would have been captured by the soldiers and her struggle would have come back to her time, but this is the story of Claire Randall, how she gets stuck there and starts another life …

The joke is that since she works in the medical field, how does she use the medicines and tools available there (for example, the syringe she needs to give injections and when she does not have the tools/equipment used to diagnose and treat diseases) How to make a needle and how to treat it without anyone understanding is a very nice exercise.

So how does she get back to her time, how does it affect her life when she comes back? And does she play here or does she want to go back to the old days? What effect does all this have on her family? And the period in which it is gone, how do you get the evidence of the past in the present? This is a must-watch series to experience it all.

Both the time and the historical events, each character played by his own characters, especially the nurse played by Claire and then the doctor, her boyfriend, and husband played by Jamie, the daughter played by Brianna, and the husband played by Jack Randall / Frank Randall and the old villain. Hold on until the end.

The Starz series has had 5 seasons so far and is available on Netflix.

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