rocketry the nambi effect reviews

rocketry the nambi effect reviews

Overview of Rocketry

A biographical film based on the life of Dr. Nambi Narayanan, written and directed by R. Madhavan, is called Rocketry: The Nambi Effect. There is a strong supporting cast, including Ravi Raghavendra, Muralidharan, Shyam, and Sam Mohan, in addition to Madhavan himself. In addition, there’s a cameo appearance by Suriya. Sam CS is the composer and Sirsha Ray is the cinematographer.

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Review of Rocketry

In the case of biopics, it is impossible to capture every detail of the subject’s life. It chronicles Nambi Narayanan’s journey and focuses on three important aspects: his work, his relationship with Nambi Narayanan’s wife, and the investigation into the espionage charges against him. Prior to returning to Europe, he studied for two years at Princeton. He talked about his time at the ISRO and how his family was harmed by the false accusations levelled against a man of his status. An interview with actor Suriya tells the story in a non-linear fashion (who plays himself).

While everyone in Nambi’s family appears to be having a wonderful time and making jokes, they have no idea what is in store for them in the days to come. On Nambi’s arrest day, the entire family is subjected to a traumatic experience that even the audience is shocked by. Intimidation of his children is rampant, including the use of cow excrement and other such weapons. Before he can be arrested, the cops attack him and take his wife away from a wedding.

Nambi Narayanan’s scientific prowess and accomplishments are exposed at this point, and you’re continuously alternating between awe and confusion. Princeton being an Ivy League school and receiving a scholarship is easily understood by the viewers, but the use of technical terminology causes an awkward gap between the film and the general public.

rocketry the nambi effect reviews and cast with rating

It becomes more emotional and predictable in the second part of the novel, which deals entirely with the man’s and his family’s plight. However, there are many instances in which you will feel as if your heart is being squeezed tight. Simran appears in a few of these, as do Nambi and his wife, who are both flung from a moving vehicle while it is heavy raining.

The film relies significantly on the performances of Madhavan and Simran, with Simran often exceeding the former. In this way, the two actors in front of the audience are able to keep each other motivated. It helps that the biopic was shot on location in three different countries: the United States, Scotland, and the Soviet Union.

Rocketry’s sound is further bolstered by the compositions of Sam CS. The music is more stirring when Nambi accomplishes a number of things, and he does a good job of amplifying the emotional parts and ensuring that the scenes have an impact. The quality of his work elevates the film above its original potential. As Madhavan resembles Nambi Narayanan in every decade of his life, the individual who did Madhavan’s make-up deserves credit.

Despite the fact that Madhavan has been a success as an actor in the picture, the direction may have been stronger, but still merits respect for a beginner filmmaker. We are drawn into the story by our need to learn what happened to Nambi Narayanan. Although it’s up for dispute whether or not Rocketry is an entertaining film, documenting the life of a hero who we didn’t recognise is essential, and Rocketry does just that.

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