Sherdil The Pilibhit Saga Movie Review

Sherdil The Pilibhit Saga Movie Review

Sherdil – The Pilibhit Saga Review: While Pankaj Tripathi gives a controlled performance as the title character, Neeraj Kabi lends a supportive role that keeps the film from falling into the traps of standard drama and rhetoric.

Pankaj Tripathi is one of those capable and honest actors who has the ability to get into the characters. This is why when National Award-winning director Srijit Mukherji puts the weight of a story on his shoulders through Gangaram, which in a way talks about poverty and hunger, and also raises the issue of animals, forests, and the environment, the actor does his best. Carries out the responsibility well. There can be no doubt about the intention or intention of the director regarding the subject, but if Sreejith had worked a little more at the story level, he would have been able to present his issue better.

Sherdil – The Pilibhit Saga Cast:

Pankaj Tripathi as Gangaram, Neeraj Kabi as Hunter Jim, Sayani Gupta as Gangaram’s Wife

Sherdil – The Pilibhit Saga Official Trailer:

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Sherdil – The Pilibhit Saga Plot/Storyline:

Actually, the story is inspired by a true incident. Pankaj Tripathi is such a village headman who can go to any extent for the well-being and prosperity of the village. The village of Gangaram is near the Tiger Reserve, and tigers and other wild animals have made the lives of the villagers unbearable. These wild animals break the boundary of their forest and enter the village, destroying their crops. Not only this, for many years, agriculture has been hit by floods, so the villagers are forced to spend their lives in poverty and starvation. In such a situation, being the head of the village, Gangaram makes a plan to get the village out of poverty and for the bright future of his coming generations. Under him, if he becomes a victim of a tiger, then he will get a compensation of ten lakhs under the government scheme, and the government’s attention will be drawn towards the problems of his village. In order to persuade his wife, Sayani Gupta, mother, children, and villagers to take up the scheme, he makes up a false story of himself suffering from cancer, that he has only three months left and wants to save the village and the family before he dies. Is. Now in the jungle, Gangaram meets hunter Jim (Neeraj Kabi). By making the tiger that Gangaram has come to be prey, this hunter wants to earn a lot of money in the business of smuggling.

Will Gangaram be able to overcome the poverty of his villagers by becoming a tiger? Will Hunter Jim stand in his way? You have to watch the movie to know this.

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As a writer-director, Sreejit Mukherjee spends a lot of time establishing the story and characters in the first half. The theme of the issue of poverty and the environment could have been better textured. But many sensitive issues have been raised in the film, such as how over the years, humans have been encroaching on the animal world, as a result of which the animals have been forced to create havoc in humans’ fields and lives. The very first scene of the film is seen revealing the government’s schemes. The film also focuses on the issue of how humans have become more greedy than animals. The film also touches on aspects like politics, satire, and philosophy through dialogues, but at one point these preachings start appearing. It would have been better if the writer-director had shown the grimness of the poverty of the village firmly. But yes, in the matter of music, the film will have to be praised. For the first time in a long time, the philosophy of Sant Kabir and Gulzar in a Hindi film seems to take the story forward.

It is very soothing to hear the song ‘Dhoop Pani Behne De’ penned by Gulzar in the voice of the late KK. Apart from “Moko Kahan” by Sant Kabir, songs like “Aadmi Bhootiya Hai” are the life of the film. The photography of the film in the film is also captivating.

Acting is the strong aspect of the film. Pankaj Tripathi proves to be twenty in the role of Gangaram. He makes the character come to life with his distinctive style of acting. Neeraj Kabi’s role should have been expanded. Sayani Gupta has done justice to her role. The supporting cast gives strength to the story.

Why watch:

Fans of films with issues and fans of Pankaj Tripathi can watch this film.

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