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The Casino: My Game My Rules was released on the 12th of June 2020. Primed to release in April this year, The Casino: My Game My Rules is finally available for screening on Zee 5. Are you mulling over to binge watch this series? You need to have a look at this review.

Stars: Karanvir Bohra, Sudhanshu Pandey and Mandana Karimi

Director: Hardik Gajjar

Rating: 2 stars out of 5

The Casino: My Games, My Rules Review

Directed by Hardik Gajjar, The Casino features a racy crime thriller plot which is packed with twists, romance and a lot of steamy scenes. The main cast includes a captivating Mandana Karimi in the role of a hot manipulator while Sudhanshu Pandey is casted as ‘Mr. Marwah’ who is a stinking rich casino tycoon. Karanvir Bohra plays the role of Vicky Marwah, son of Mr. Marwah, the billionaire. Rehana , played by Mandana tries to grab a huge chunk of the casino empire while it is now upto Vicky Marwah to take a call if he would like to stake claim to the billions before it is too late. The show aims to throw light on the dark side of the casinos, the sources of money and the empire of networks which revolves around it. A detailed review of ‘The Casino: My Game My Rules’ will follow.

Speaking of the main thing, the actors are more inclined towards mimicking than acting. The show is about the casino and there’s hardly anything audience will get to see it. Worst are the dialogues, cheaper than a B grade film. Look for yourself: Bade log hotehi galati karne ke liya hai! (No kidding). The age-old story of a power struggle in a rich family topped with murders, mystery, and sex – the concoction is nothing but poisonous, tastes bad, and with a potential season two on cards, the lesser said the better. The picturesque locations and Mandana’s decent acting efforts are the only saving grace in this casino as the rest of the cast is busy playing their parts with ‘poker’ faces.

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