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The missing points of Extraction

Extraction was awaited since long. I’ve been counting on it as the most dramatic action film.
I’ve watched the movie with hell lot of expectations but after watching, I felt that there are multiple grey areas in the story, many of which are incomprehensible, even though the movie seems to be block buster.

Extraction | Official Trailer | Netflix

Dialogs of Extraction are in 3 different languages, English, Hindi & Bangla, hard to watch without subtitles for global audience. What happened to English and dubbed versions? Audience could have lived with these options very well.
The cast list is good enough to make it an excellent block buster but seems the story failed to bind the cast with it.
The film story seems much baseless and created by some novice writer. The kid of an Indian drug dealer is kidnapped by another drug dealer from Bangladesh but the Indian drug dealer couldn’t pay the ransom because his assets are frozen. Really? That’s how drug dealers work? Using legitimate assets and banks? What about the warehouse full of cash lying around as always shown in the movies? And why would a drug dealer kidnap the BROKEN opponent’s kid? Where is the ground for the kidnapping? Or just for fun? How the kid is transported from Mumbai to Dhaka? Using a chartered plane or ship or by road or how?


Pankaj Tripathi played an Indian Drug Dealer. Using him for less than 5 mins seems an insult for the actor’s caliber as he’s an astonishing actor and known for playing a cool headed bad guy in Indian film & television industry. He could have been of much use as either opponent or a strong character in the movie. Which role did Randeep Hooda play? Is he a partner with the kid’s father or security or something else. In case he played a security officer’s character then the writer must have been drunk while writing his character. The only introduction to the character’s abilities are from a photograph dressed as army personnel, no other description.

But, Randeep gets full attention in his weak role also, even if he attacks Rake after rescuing the kid from goons. If his character “Saju” is so brave, intelligent, can travel to Dhaka and fight a bunch of mercenaries then why didn’t he thought of rescuing the kid instead of hiring Rake as mercenary when he knew there is no money to pay him. His involvement with the rescue would have been known to the opponent anyway.
What about the opponent Bangladeshi drug dealer? What’s his contribution to the film other than wearing nice suits, sitting around, speaking nonsense and sipping drinks? And he illegally ties up with a Colonel from Bangladesh Army? Man, it gets worst and worst towards the end.
Golshifteh Farahani’s character, Nik Khan, handles the team but no tactical experience or decision making in critical situations. The only memorable is her expressionless face.
Chris Hemsworth justified his character elegantly and played it very well but details about the character are so vague that I failed to grasp character’s motives till the end. The stunts are nicely coordinated and stimulates goosebumps while watching. But, his friend who owes Rake his life, betrays and tries to kill him. Pity on the character for having such a friend.
I’ve seen many Hollywood movies but the lowest grade director from Hollywood may have a better shot of getting nice reviews than Extraction’s director. Seems, the film is a waste of talented actors like Chris Hemsworth, Pankaj Tripathi, Randeep Hooda and many others.
It could have been a great movie by Chris Hemsworth as a producer. But, the screenplay writers and the director killed the film with lack of knowledge about South Asian cultures, Geography and people’s behaviour.
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