Timepass 3 Story

When it comes to the history of the Marathi film industry, Timepass and Timepass 2 are two of its most popular and successful films. Everyone loves Dagdu and Praju’s story. As a result, the 3rd installment is here. There is a lot of interest in Timepass 3 so we’ve put together all the information you need, including the movie’s release date and cast list.

Timepass 3 Movie Release Date:

Timepass 3 will be released in 29 July, 2022

Timepass 3 Movie Cast:

Prathamesh Parab, Hruta Durgule, Ravi Jadhav, Vaibhav Mangle

Here’s a sneak peek:


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The best quality films screened in Marathi are captivating the audience. Similarly, now director Ravi Jadhav has announced his new film. Ravi Jadhav’s movie ‘Timepass 3’ will be released soon. The first two episodes of the film were well received by the audience. Now the audience is waiting for “Timepass 3.” The teaser for the film has recently been aired on social media.

Timepass 3 Story

Unlike Timepass 1 & Timepass 2, this new movie Timepass 3 will have a different story and setting. The first look of the movie has been released recently.

There is no doubt that watching this teaser for the film will captivate the audience once again. The story of “Timepass 3” begins before Dagdu-Praju’s wedding. The new twist in this story of the film is Palvi Dinkar Patil. The role of Palvi will be seen in the realisation of Hruta. Actor Vaibhav Mangle is also seen in the teaser of the film.

Palvi is seen in the teaser of the movie. But will the stone praju appear in the film? The audience is curious about this. Produced by Zee Studios and Athanash Communications, ‘Timepass 3’ is directed by Ravi Jadhav. The movie will hit theatres on July 29.

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