War Trailer

With only a week reaming for the launch, here is everything that you must know about War.

War: Overview

War (featuring Tiger Shroff, Hrithik Roshan, and Vaani Kapoor) is one of the most hoped-for Bollywood movies. The movie is only just a week away from being released and it is trending as far as the hype among the audience and fans is considered.

War Trailer

Being one of the most loved genres amongst the Bollywood fans, “action” is the main them in War. And YRF gives the fans a high octane action movie created on a hefty budget. From the music and promos to star cast, everything has gone in the support of the movie.

War is nothing but similar to a volcano, which is all set to erupt. With only a week left for its launch, the movie has reached each and every edge of the nation. In addition to this, the film has received the maximum hype as compared to any movie launched in 2019.

Apart from the stylish action sequences, a hefty budget, exciting music, and stunning star cast, another major factor that goes in the support of War is its launch date. The movie is coming out on a huge national day holiday and that makes it mandatory for the viewers to watch it. The enthusiasm to witness two of the largest dancing and action stars of Bollywood Tiger and Hrithik opposite each other is at its highest and the movie is carrying a buzz like no film in 2019.

War: Trailer

War | Official Trailer | 4K UHD

War: Plot

War is about Hrithik (playing the role of Kabir), an Indian soldier-converted-rogue. He has created hell for the army and this makes him the rival of the country. So as to kill him, the Indian Government takes the assistance of Tiger Shroff (playing the role of Khalid), who was once a student of Kabir. This begins a high-octane hunt saga between Khalid and Kabir.

The cat and mouse game among the two and who is bad and who is not is where the film rings a bell about Dhoom. The only difference is that the Dhoom’s villains were thief while War’s Kabir is a far major criminal.

Having stated that, the stunts and action are imposing and will possibly look more thrilling on the huge screen. The casting of Shroff and Hrithik seems ideal and their back story makes sure that it is not just a good guy bad guy saga. Vaani Kapoor in the main female role hardly makes any difference.

War: Song

The first song of the film released was “Ghungroo. In the first song of War, Vaani Kapoor and Hrithik are taking pleasure in a sun-kissed European location by the water. They dance away on the amazing track by Vishal-Shekhar.

The couple spends their time in what seems like Italy as typical tourists, indulging in some wine and dance, doing a bit of shopping, and fundamentally being in love. It appears as if Vaani’s character is also some type of dancer at a club where she does some unbelievable water acrobatics in the song. The famous ghazal “Ghungroo Toot Gaye” by Pankaj Udhas has been renovated in an airy, light dance performance by Vishal-Shekhar for the lead pair.

Ghungroo Video Song

“Jai Jai Shivshankar” is the next song that was released last week. The song is set on what seems like a temple’s steps. The screen is soaked with colors utilized on religious festivals and occasions. And both Hrithik and Tiger strike amazing beats while dancing.

Jai Jai Shivshankar

On the other hand, do not let any of this trick you into thinking this is a religious or spiritual performance. It is a party song where Tiger and Hrithik make an effort to outperform one another. Both stars are recognized for their dancing talent. Hence, it is a treat to watch them shake a leg in concert.

But the “Jai Jai Shivshankar” song itself is quite average. Vishal and Shekhar (the composer duo) have come up with a severely safe tune. Benny Dayal and Vishal Dadlani’s vocals are brisk. But as far as Kumaar’s lyrics, it seems to disappoint fans in every possible way.

War: Verdict

Long story short, War is a movie that seems to have potential. And with a start cast such as Hrithik and Tiger, fans will get to watch the amazing dancing and acting skills. It will surely be a hit on the box office.

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